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Kate Recycles Beulah for Commonwealth Service

Monday, March 12, 2018

Today the British Royals marked Commonwealth Day with the annual service at Westminster Abbey. It was a particularly exciting year as Meghan Markle made her debut at a formal royal family event. This was the first really hat-worthy event for Meghan, and her first public engagement with the Queen! 

William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan arrived in two Range Rovers at the same time, and walked into the Abbey as a group:

Kate and Meghan went with opposite shades of the color spectrum, which complemented each other nicely. Meghan's ensemble was Amanda Wakeley. 

I thought Kate might choose something new for today, but she dusted off her Chiara coat from Beulah London for the service, pairing it with the Lock & Co. Tiffany hat she wore to the dedication of the Afghanistan Memorial just last year. It's an elegant pairing and a great recycle on both counts. 

Kate's shoes are her Mallory pumps from Rupert Sanderson and the clutch is Jimmy Choo's Celeste. The Duchess once again wore these earrings she debuted last month, but continue to stymie the style sleuths. She added a matching brooch, which I think helped clarify that this is not the jewelry given to the Queen in the 40s, as formally hypothesized. Since these pieces haven't been paired with anything in the vaults, I think it is more likely they are modern additions to her personal collection. Hopefully time (and someone's research!) will tell. :) 

Kate looked magnificent today. This Beulah coat is a color that suits HRH so well and I love the graceful flare of the silhouette. I know some feel this hat is too big, but I think it balances her pregnant figure well and adds a punch of glamour. Her hair was beautifully styled this afternoon, and she added her own glow to look absolutely magnificent. A big win!

Kate Brings Back Séraphine Marlene Dress for Place2Be

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Kate has been busy expanding her networks and strengthening her ties in mental health. On Tuesday she spent her morning getting to know Family Links at Pegasus Primary School in Oxford, and on Wednesday she was out on behalf of Place2Be, an organization she has worked with for years now.


The Duchess was officially opening the new headquarters, but she also spent time meeting with counselors, parents, and students who benefit from Place2Be's programs.

Local school children were at the centre to tell Kate about the programs implemented in their classrooms by Place2Be.


Victoria Murphy shared this clip of Kate's speech before unveiling a plaque commemorating the launch of the Centre of Excellence. 
Kate brought back Séraphine's Marlene dress, which she just debuted while on tour in Sweden. The dress is almost custom made for Kate, in that it hits most of her current style preferences, including the high collar, ruffled cuffs, lace and chiffon. Although reasonable people can disagree ;), I think this dress is incredibly flattering on Kate. The girl in the background clearly thinks so, too.

Kate was carrying her Bayswater from Mulberry and those are her popular Power pumps by Stuart Weitzman. Sparkling at her ears are her sapphire and diamond drops which pair so beautifully with her sapphire ring;

This recycle is a huge win. I loved this dress when she wore it in Sweden and was hoping it would get a repeat. I am frankly surprised that she didn't wear this to the Royal Foundation Forum, given how high profile that event was. But, certainly launching this new centre for one of her longtime patronages is also a big ticket event, and I am just happy it got a second show.


Kate Recycles Favorite JoJo Maman Bébé at Pegasus Primary

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

This morning the Duchess of Cambridge was out in Oxford to learn more about work that is being done for children and families in the mental health field. She was at Pegasus Primary School wearing an ensemble that has been on many a fan's recycle-wish-list throughout this pregnancy. It was a good day all around! 

If I have said it once, I have said it a million times, I love these primary school engagements with all the kids waving their little flags to welcome Kate. It is completely the cutest.

The Duchess is continuing to focus her attention on early intervention for mental health, and this visit provided her the opportunity to see the charity Family Links in action. Kate visited with parents and children to hear how Family Links supports them in fostering a healthy environment for their children, and for kids to promote emotionally healthy relationships with their peers in the classroom:

I think the sweetest story today was this little book of poems and lullabies that the students at the school put together for Kate to read and sing to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and the new baby! 
Embed from Getty Images

Kate was accompanied by Catherine Quinn today, who stood out of the way in most of the shots, but is visible standing discreetly to the right in this shot. Arthur Edwards there in the background, too. 

Mark McQuillan
Just this past week a number of you were chatting about ensembles that Kate might still recycle. I think this creamy JoJo Maman Bébé coat was top of the list for preferred repeat, so I know more than a few are delighted with today's choice!

Embed from Getty Images

Kate first wore this coat while pregnant with Princess Charlotte, and if this flattering maternity coat's  lovely lines weren't memorable enough, the venue solidified it for us all. The Princess was visiting the set of Downton Abbey as they filmed the final season! (tears, even now) 

It was so fabulous!! I busted the picture budget on that post, so pop over if you need a trip down memory lane. 

On the set of Downton, Kate paired the coat with navy accessories, but today she switched it up a little with her brown Emmy clutch and matching brown suede shoes.  

This coat was always going to be a win if she recycled. I know how much you all wanted to see it again, and I am super happy the Duchess decided to give it another wear. It really is such a flattering coat with a sturdy, quality fabric and proper tailoring. I particularly enjoyed seeing it with brown, which is relatively unusual from Kate. Win, win, win.

Kate Catch-Up: The Duchess's Past Three Engagements

Monday, March 5, 2018

Happy Monday All! I am so sorry that I dropped off the radar last week. I was sick and Kate's day in Sunderland was the last communique I could eek out before I crashed. Happily, everything is looking brighter on this end and Kate has two engagements this week, so I am jumping on here to update you all briefly on last week's fun things so we are caught up for tomorrow.

New Patronages! 

On Tuesday, the 27th of February, Kate was out and about on two related engagements. Her first stop was at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists ("RCOG"), and the second was at the St. Thomas Hospital where she launched the Nursing Now campaign, an initiative to support and raise the profile of nurses worldwide. Earlier that morning it was announced that Kate was the new royal patron of RCOG as well as the Nursing Now campaign, so it was a big day! 

At the RCOG Kate learned about the health efforts that are ongoing and was formally and warmly welcomed by her new patronage:

She also received a certificate, according to Kensington Palace's Twitter feed. I am not sure what the certificate certificates:

At the Nursing Now campaign launch, Kate gave a short speech in which she mentioned her great-grandmother and grandmother who were both volunteer nurses.  I love that the Duchess is pursuing projects in which she obviously has an interest as well as these sorts of emotional connections! 
Let's talk fashion really quickly. The first picture I saw on Tuesday morning was a cropped photo and I won't deny I was horrified by the boxy shoulders and white piping. When I saw the next picture, a full length from the side (see above) I did a quick u-turn and thought it lovely. But, whiplash was the name of the day, and after reviewing more photos and video, I am decidedly not a fan.

This is a bespoke Jenny Packham, which makes this miss even more disappointing. Generally when Kate has a bespoke piece commissioned it is a real hit, especially when it is from JP. But, from almost every angle this ensemble is too boxy, features odd tailoring, and that white piping...that white piping is so perplexing. Why? Plus, the fabric looked cheap and pulled in odd places.

I love that Kate is continuing to wear her tanzanite jewelry suite more with her various blue ensembles, and its always fun to see the Muse clutch and her Georgia Jimmy Choos, but overall, this ensemble was a miss.


Royal Foundation Forum 

On Wednesday, the 28th of February, Kate joined William, Harry, and Meghan Markle at the first ever Royal Foundation Forum. It was also Meghan Markle's first official engagement with William and Kate, so it was a hotly anticipated day!

All the royals, and the royal-to-be, got a chance to share their thoughts on the work the Royal Foundation does, and they had an opportunity to express particular areas of interest. On at least three occasions it was highlighted that Heads Together was Kate's brainchild. It was clearly a concerted effort to make this point very clear and give her credit for a campaign that has been globally hailed as a massive success.

You can watch the entire event here:

As usual William and Harry provided headline worthy banter by discussing some of the family tensions that crop up when determining how the four will focus their energies.

Kate chose to wear the Séraphine maternity dress she wore in January for Heads Together. Below is a shot of her in January, and as you can see the fit is already on the snug side a month or say later. Baby Cambridge 3 is coming soon! :)

Heads Together
The princess was back in her Georgia Jimmy Choos, but wearing new earrings. The collective wisdom of the Kate community is that these earrings are likely vintage pieces that were gifted to then Princess Elizabeth by her parents.

For those wondering, Meghan wore a dress by American designer Jason Wu, but I don't have IDs on the rest of her ensemble. She looked professional and glowing. I am sure this is such an exciting time for her!


Orla Kiely for a Snowy Visit to the NPG

On the evening of the 28th, Kate braved the thickly falling snow in London, to attend "Victorian Giants: The Birth of Art Photography" at the National Portrait Gallery.  

The National Portrait Gallery 
As the gallery's patron, Kate chose a number of the photos on display, in addition to writing the descriptions that accompany the pieces and a forward for the exhibit catalogue.  

Kate chose a dress by Orla Kiely, and just writing that gets me a little giddy with excitement. Maybe because Orla K is one of the early designers Kate debuted, back when she was a fresh new royal and we were high on life (I say that quasi-facetiously ;)), but it just delights me when she wears this Irish designer. How appropriate for March? ;) 

The National Portrait Gallery 
After a relatively long period of time passing with no Orla K, the is the second dress Kate has worn from the label this pregnancy. [The first was the pink dress when she danced with Paddington.]  This is the Margaret dress from an Orla Kiely capsule collection. 

The National Portrait Gallery 
This dress is definitely in the Erdem profile, though, right? Dark all around, rusty florals, a ruffle!! But, it's also super Orla Kiely, too, with the whimsical bodice and cute cuffs. I think Kate definitely chose it for its Victorian vibe, especially the high color and the velvet V of the bodice. Is it weird? Yeah, it's totally a weird dress, but I still love it anyway.

I love it because it's Orla K. I love it because it flatters Kate beautifully (talk about night and day from the custom JP!). I love it because she looks great. It's an unexpected win. I would never buy this if I saw it on the rack, but Kate just makes it go.

I know there is a growing ennui for her nude accessories, but I thought this dress was perfect paired with her Gianvito Rossi Praline pumps and Jimmy Choo Celeste clutch. It was a win!

Ok kids, that's the quick overview. Thank you for all the emails and messages of concern. I am so sorry I just dropped off the radar, but I just was on empty. I didn't mean to spark a panic, and I wouldn't quit the blog without a proper farewell. :) In any case, I am feeling much, much better. We are back to regular programming tomorrow!